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The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III
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RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III
Why was it so difficult for folk to fathom?

​​​​​​​Wash ya' damn hands, wear ya' damn masks...

Today 05:20 PM
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RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III
(Today 04:55 PM)AnonymousBosch Wrote:  
(Today 04:20 PM)Samseau Wrote:  Problem is, what can be trusted out of China?

The problem is, who put the idea that you can't trust China into your head?

You might say China is 'evil' due to the treatment of its citizens, but the UK and France both don't treat their citizens any better than China - you can be jailed over hurting feelings on twitter or carrying a butter knife - and Trump isn't labeling them as 'evil regimes'.

Oh, now I understand . This is back to our conversation on what Jesus is saying at the Sermon on the Mount. Protestant Americans are incapable of ever seeing that they're not remotely-free due to their particular legalistic moral framework: Freedom of Indifference believes Freedom is entire through self-assertion of the will, which is why 'Free Speech' and 'Right to Bear Arms' have such a righteous hold on them, and the natural reaction to this would by why the American Left is similarly-obsessed with self-assertion of their wills. Freedom of Indifference generates a natural opposition that mirrors it, because it repulses, rather than welcomes.

Under this moral framework, 'Freedom' for Americans would basically be perceived by an ability to buy multiple weapons and to snark about fat lesbians on Twitter, not seeing Freedom of Excellence is refusing to kill to enact your will and recognising the sinner needs to be treated with patient charity, not holier-than-thou contempt.

It's nice to finally make sense of the US now it is in its death throes. Unfortunately, it also explains a lot about the toxic culture my country descended into after 90's globalization.

If a food shortage arises, and the vibrant cultural enrichers come to steal the food that you have set aside for your family through your own diligence, hard work, and wisdom, we will see how far "Freedom of Excellence in refusing to kill to enact your will" gets you. God will not protect you, because you stupidly refused to protect yourself.

The freedom to buy firearms has absolutely nothing to do with "killing to enact your will on others" -- and everything to do with the simple God-given right to the self-defense of yourself and your family. The one time that I almost had to use a firearm, the mere threat of the potential presence of a firearm dissuaded three gang bangers. I thrust my hand into my pocket and grabbed my pocket-pistol. All three sets of eyes went to my hand -- and they stopped dead in their tracks. I did not even need to draw my weapon. They did not know for sure whether I had a weapon, but they decided it was best to look elsewhere for a victim rather than assume that risk. If I was not armed on that day, I may have been dead these past few decades.

Life is precious and it is a blessing from God. You are a fool if you do not protect it. I am free because I have the God-given right, enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, to protect my life and the lives of those I love. No amount of insipid intellectually-dishonest pabulum changes that fact.
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Today 05:24 PM
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