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Education A general job corp datasheet.
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A general job corp datasheet.
This is belchmech, your friendly job corps student who will explain the ins and outs of job corp...

Disclaimer: There are (last time time I checked at any rate) nearly a 100 job corp centers and I've only been to two, as a result of this what I can say about other centers is mostly constructed from hearsay, rumor and the experiences of friends. If you are over the age of 24 then you can stop reading, that's the cutoff date to join job corp.


*The program is 100% free, you get a board and 3 (sometimes quite questionable) meals a day. Routine medical and dental is also free up to a point.

*Most centers will have some sort of intake processing that typically lasts 3 weeks. This will include a physical, TABE testing (math and reading level, important for making it into advanced programs) and typically annoying BS.

*Most centers will also have you serve as cafeteria helpers for at least 1 week if not 2.

*Job Corp centers come in 2 flavors, Forest Service and Contractor. As a general rule of thumb your life will suck way more at a forest service job corp then a contractor one. Federal employees (especially the Dorm staff) tend to be complete assholes. When in doubt choose a contractor center.

*Prepare to live with..."interesting people". Sometimes you get lucky and get good roommates, other times you get assholes, the mentally ill, bluepilling soyboys and worse. Invest in headphones and loud music to drown out the idiocy and chatter. When one of your beds is empty fill it up with a friend to avoid getting randomed.

*Job corp men tend to only be somewhat fucked up...job corp women are completely batshit crazy. Just don't do it, trust me on this. If you must have a girlfriend get one on the outside, preferably one that lets you lair in her dwelling during the weekends.

*Avoid the smoking pits, way too much fucking drama as drug addicts use the only chemical allowed on center legally.

*For your 1st 6 months you get 23.5 (25 but taxes...) every 2 weeks. After that you get 33.26 (35 but again taxes) every two weeks.

*If you do not have a highschool diploma you will be stuck in job corp high school until you get one. Same with driving license, warning job corp driving instructors suck more dick then a Pattaya bargirl.

The really important part, the trades.

Ok job corp trades can be grouped into the following rough categories.

Union: This includes Carpentry, Masonry, Painting and Transportation careers (advanced trades). If you do well in these programs the instructors can put your ass at the top of the line at the union hall.

Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Welding: These trades are typically not unionized and their not very good at placing you in apprenticeships. Welding though is the exception, not typically unionized but good job opportunities.

Automotive: The majority of the automotive programs you will encounter are basic prep programs designed to send you to advanced automotive in Clearfield, UT job corps. You take this path your in for a long ass haul, easily at least 2 years unless doing autobody (in which case for like 1.5 years). Any graduate of a basic trade program (not just basic auto) can apply to advanced automotive.

Misc: This covers computer repair, warehousing, manufacturing tech, urban forestry, etc...

Advanced: Listen hear to qualify for these trades you typically need good TABE scores (580+), no writeups and pass a phone interview. While their are a wide variety of advanced trades (hello robotics, they even have a drone tech program in Edison job corp) the big ones are advanced auto and Transportation careers. Advanced auto is typically the easiest advanced trade to get into, while Transportation careers are the big kahuna.

If you get in and graduate from the Transportation career trades you will get to join the Railroad, Airline or River Barge unions. I shouldn't have to tell you how high in demand beds for those trades are, it can takes months to find an empty bed for your ass.

Also most basic construction trades have an advanced version.

There is a lot I've left out/forgot, this is a general guide and doesn't cover anything. Job corp is worth it if your in a rut or don't have much cash...just stay clear of the BS. Will probably update this datasheet over time with a little more info.
03-14-2020 02:10 AM
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RE: A general job corp datasheet.
(03-14-2020 02:10 AM)belchmech Wrote:  *For your 1st 6 months you get 23.5 (25 but taxes...) every 2 weeks. After that you get 33.26 (35 but again taxes) every two weeks.

Interesting thread. I've never known much, if anything really, about the Job Corps.

This program could help a lot of young men find a path to a successful career.


EDIT: Found the website.
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03-16-2020 09:02 PM
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