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Business Best Value Web Hosting
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forestdweller Offline

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Best Value Web Hosting
I'm looking to start a small scale apparel manufacturing business and I'm looking for a web host that can process payments easily, has a good site builder, and won't break the bank.

Has anyone on here already weighed the pros and cons of current hosts like squarespace, shopify, etc.?
03-03-2020 06:50 PM
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kel Offline

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RE: Best Value Web Hosting
If you just need a payments processor, Merchant Warehouse will probably be the cheapest (in terms of cost per swipe).

It sounds like you need a whole eShop, though. I've used Shopify (using it more as an inventory management and payments thing, rather than using the shop and templating and stuff), it was pretty good for that. With Shopify you can pick your own payments processor, or use theirs (which I think is just Square or Stripe or something like that). Square and Stripe and stuff advertise themselves as "simple", but the percentage they take per swipe is quite a bit higher than Merchant Warehouse, and Merchant Warehouse will let you negotiate rates if you're running a high $ amount per month. And, with shopify, it's all equally "simple" - Merchant Warehouse will give you an API key that you input and Shopify handles the rest, so def go with them (or another like that, I don't know all the brands out there) rather than Stripe.

Never used anything else so can't comment on squarespace.
03-03-2020 07:01 PM
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Lee Harvey Pozzwald Offline

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RE: Best Value Web Hosting
.tk hosts websites for free, and gives you a free domain, but it's pretty sketchy.

Shopify is a pretty popular choice that a lot of my marketer buddies rely on.
03-04-2020 05:18 PM
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joost Offline

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RE: Best Value Web Hosting

Free and no ads.
03-04-2020 11:33 PM
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Nineteen84 Offline
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RE: Best Value Web Hosting
You are most likely looking for an e-commerce platform and not a webhost as such - unless you want to concern yourself with the technical side of things. Because of your question I’m assuming it’s not something you want to have to dive into. So Magento (used by Nike) and the various other self hosted open source solutions are not going to be what you want right now.

Payments processing is typically performed by a separate entity such as stripe, PayPal, etc and they hook into these e-commerce softwares as modules. The web host is not involved.

If you instead limit your choice to major players such as shopify, wix or squarespace it will prevent you wasting time on technical stuff. Plus they are less likely to vanish than a smaller platform. Consider amazon as a sales venue too. Avoid anything by godaddy - site builder, tools, whatever. Too many disaster stories.

Also as a side note - don’t put commercial projects on free hosts - it makes no sense. They are unreliable and one lost sale could be enough to pay the monthly fee (or more) of a real host. It’s a false economy.

Quote:The key difference among the three is that Wix and Squarespace were initially created as website builders to support content-based websites. Shopify, alternatively, is a pure eCommerce platform created for online shops. Wix is one of the most popular drag-and-drop website builders.
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03-05-2020 10:43 PM
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Balls_Hang_Low Offline

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RE: Best Value Web Hosting
@joost how do they make money if it's free? What's the catch?
03-08-2020 06:13 PM
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