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The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III
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RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III
(03-26-2020 09:57 PM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  
(03-26-2020 12:10 PM)thoughtgypsy Wrote:  The most alarming aspect of this whole crisis is how eager most people are to turn over their liberty and to suppress the rights of others on the mere chance that it might slow the spread of a virus that's [garbage qualifier removed]

Because our societies are no longer populated by people worthy of liberty.

100 years ago in the West you didn't have to lock people down at gunpoint during a plague. You just had to ask politely for them to quarantine and they largely did what was in everyone's best interests.

Now we are populated in majority by selfish degenerates who leverage their freedoms for no purpose other than self gratification.

The vast majority of the citizenry of Western nations have done nothing to earn their liberty or protect it. Hence it must be revoked in times like these because we are in too great a number irresponsible children.

When you're at the beach you can let irresponsible children play with matches and there is little risk. When you're in a pine plantation at the height of summer the matches must be taken away, no matter how the children kick and scream.

Liberty is for responsible adults. Not clown world children.

What happens though, when in actual fact you are on a toundra or pampa (moderate risk) and you pretend to be in a pine plantation, as an excuse to confiscate everyone's matches?

Anyway, the exponential figures (regarding deaths) that are not really coming from the West, might be coming soon from Africa... Might be from genetic (drepanocitosis) reasons or just because of promiscuity and lack of Health resources.
(cases about to explode throughout Africa, already 2819 cases - sorry to post French-language links, but, quality news about Africa usually are in French)

I mean, the Congolese have just put Kinshasa in quarantine, something in itself incredible (how will they even enforce that?). Why? Have the red-pill African Heads of State received privileged information regarding the true impact of coronavirus. Why are they, too, entering in panic mode, they're usually slow to act and cool-headed.

Anyway, now that there are 2819 (detected) cases of coronavirus in 46 countries of Africa, it is too late to close the continent to this virus. Coronavirus will sweep over Africa, and that might be the real game-changer in the world.

Senegal is rushing with chloroquine testing (as star-medic Raoult has been giving them data), but Africa has not enough resources to carefully treat patients with the correct doses (Africans are already dying from auto-medication on chloroquine), and the meddlesome White doctors are tied at home. So Africa is now the continent to watch for the possible next coronavirus disaster.

And keep in mind that 63% of Africans have no soap. Mortality rate expected in Africa among coronavirus patients : 10%.

As 80% of the global population is expected to be infected, a 10% mortality rate would be 8% of death rate in Africa. Source:
03-26-2020 10:54 PM
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